Antonella Pavlović, Samsung Electronics

So far I attended two workshops – influencing skills and presentation skills. Even though the topics weren’t new to me and I had some prior experience with both, our educator Silvija still managed to give valuable insights and suggestions for improvement. The workshops require active participation but every activity has a purpose, it’s not done just to fill the time. I would also like to stress out that the atmosphere is very welcoming and I felt comfortable to share my experiences and/or what I struggle with. Of course that depends on the group itself but Silvija also had a huge part in making us all feel relaxed and ready to learn. The thing that I liked the most was the fact that Silvija shared a lot of examples, some from personal life, some from her previous experience or from some other groups and it made everything much more relatable and understandable. I am looking forward to my next Ciceron education!

Antonella Pavlović, Talent Aquisition, People & Workplace Solution Part/ SEAD, Samsung Electronics